Projects Requirements:

The project entails the installation of lighting solutions in a hospitality building. A total of 212 pieces of DALI Ceiling Lights are needed to illuminate the space effectively. Among these, 35 pieces of lights should have the capability to operate in DALI mode and provide emergency lighting for up to 3 hours during power outages. To ensure energy efficiency, a minimum luminous efficacy of 100LM/W is required. The lights must operate without any flickering to provide a comfortable and visually stable environment. Additionally, they should not pose any blue light hazards. Easy installation is a key requirement, with the lights designed for surface mounting on both ceilings and walls. Finally, the lights should deliver stable and reliable performance to meet the demands of the hospitality building’s lighting needs.


Solutions by DaLight:

Products – DALI LED Ceiling Lights,

We suggest our clients to use our Diameter 330mm LED ceiling lights which are perfectly working with DALI and Emergency both functions. The design is simple but with branded components of electrics, LumiLEDs has super brightness and CRI more than 82, the key important without blue light hazard. It meets more than 100LM/W with soft and even illumination. Branded DALI driver provides the lamps has long life with high power factor and flicker free. DaLight can build an emergency kits inside with 3 hours duration and self test. The high quality raw materials make this product have a life of 50,000 hours.

DALI and Emergency LED Ceiling Light provides uniform illumination and brightness with long life which is ideal for lighting applications of offices,resident,hospitality and any commercial indoor area.

As a leader in DALI LED lighting technology we supply super brightness and flexible functions to meet different projects requirements.

Our DALI Ceiling Lights are easy for installaion and maintainance . Which can surface mounted, or wall mounted.

Large Size DALI LED Ceiling Light offers versatility with sizes ranging from φ330mm to φ1000mm. With a high lighting efficacy of 100LM/W and LumiLEDs LED technology, it provides efficient illumination. Wattage options from 15W to 80W accommodate different lighting requirements. .

Features Of DALI and Emergency LED Ceiling Light

Steel Base

Iron Steel Base is good for heat sink, and PMMA diffuser with high lighting trasimitte.

Branded DALI Driver

Osram,Tridonic,VS or BOKE DALI Driver, not only stable,also with high compatible of different DALI 2 Lighting Systems.


Super brightness and CRI >82 LumiLEDs, prvoide SDCM3 to meet high project requirements.

Uniform Lighting

Big PCB board with lots of LED source, the lighting is very soft and uniform.

Self Test Emergency

Built -in Emergency Kits can provide not only emergency function, also can be self-test.

Easy Installation

With quick connector on the base, easy installation and wiring cables.

Functions Of DALI and Emergency LED Ceiling Light


Perfect working with DALI 2 Lighting Controller

Selft Test Emergency

Built-in Emergency Kits has self-test function, easy for maintancing

Motion Sensor

Built-in Motion Sensor, it has on/off, but also can be stanby dimmable

DALI 2 + Emergency

Combine DALI and Emergency together

DALI + Motion Sensor

Combine DALI and Motion Sensor together.

DALI + Sensor + Emergency

Combine DALI, Motion sensor and Emergency together.

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