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Why choose DALI dimming?

Why choose DALI dimming?

After we have an idea about DALI, we will know why we choose DALI dimming for the building lighting control from this post of DALI Dimming Advantages.

1. Simple Design, Easy Using

DALI’s digital control system is easy to design. In the design, it only needs to be connected to each other through digital signal interface and connected in parallel to 2-core control line. All groups and scenes can be programmed by computer software during installation and debugging, which not only saves wiring costs, but also only needs to change software Settings without rewiring for design modification, re-layout and separation, which is very simple and easy.

2. Easy Installation and Economy

When installing DALI, there are two main power cables and two control cables. There are no special requirements for the wires, and there is no polarity requirement for the installation. Only the main power cables are required to be separated from the control cables. Control line and power line can be parallel, without additional buried line. The compact design of the control unit eliminates the need for a special control cabinet, making installation easy and economical.

3. Accurate and reliable control

DALI is a digital signal. Different from analog signals, the 1010 signal can achieve undisturbed control. It will not distort the control signal due to long distance pressure drop. DALI signal is a two-way transmission, not only forward transmission of control commands, but also the ballast and lamp status, fault information, switch, and actual brightness value information back to the system.

4. Simple and reliable communication structure

The DALI interface communication protocol consists of 19 bits. Bits 1 are the start bits, bits 2 to 9 are the address bits, bits 10 to 17 are the data bits, and bits 18 and 19 are the stop bits. The unique Manchester code is adopted to avoid error codes. The transmission rate is 1200 baud to ensure that the communication between devices is not interfered. The high level on the control line is 16V. Each controller on the control line functions as MASTER in communication, while the control appliances on the control line, such as ballasts, only respond to MASTER’s commands and play the role of SLAVE. The system has distributed intelligence function.

5. Wide Application

Nowadays, DALI interface is not only used for dimming fluorescent lamp ballasts, various halogen tungsten lamp electronic transformers, gas discharge lamp electronic ballasts, LED also used DALI interface dimming; Control equipment also includes: radio receiver, relay switch input interface. Various keystroke control panels, including LED displays, already have DALI interfaces. This will expand DALI’s application from the smallest office to a multi-room office building, from a single store to a star-rated hotel.

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